Lease Disposition Analysis

Forum’s lease disposition analysis provides the insight needed to make the right decision regarding your existing portfolio of units. If you only use profit models to make site decisions you’re exposing your firm to competitive threats. Our goal for this analysis is to prevent you from walking away from high potential markets that may just need a little TLC instead of a pink slip. More importantly, this analysis becomes an objective basis for rationalizing current unit positions and developing a long-term retail portfolio strategy.

Through our comprehensive and holistic consumer-based modeling framework, Forum provides you with a recommendation for existing units in your portfolio.

Solution Highlights

  • Deep dive analytics provide simple, easy to use results you can act upon with confidence.
  • Integrates seamlessly with your short and long-range strategic planning initiatives.

Proof Points

  • Provided a 3,500 unit retail chain with recommendations on every unit with leases expiring in the next 36 month period. Results were field validated and used to trim their existing unit base while simultaneously and successfully opening new units in higher potential market places.

Make objective lease decisions based on the right consumer strategy, not financials alone. Combine models to identify "cut and run" leases.



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