Market Optimization

Market optimization is our term for the development of a data-driven national growth plan that seeks to achieve two goals simultaneously: maximize revenue from each new unit opened, and minimize impact on surrounding existing units.

We call it a perfect market balanceMarket_Opt

Our proprietary algorithm runs billions of what-if scenarios for your business utilizing complex data modeling or basic indexing to produce a final development blueprint capable of taking your business to the next level. 

Market optimization is not just for growing or large companies, but for any company that must make tough decisions on how to spend limited capital dollars on real estate development.

Our optimization algorithm can be applied in three ways:

  1. In-Fill: Optimize your future development while protecting what you have already.
  2. Greenfield: Assume you have no units and show what may have been to assist with market configuration strategy.
  3. Multi-Channel Distribution: Optimize corporate demand across all channels such as brick & mortar, online, and catalog to create new perspective on how they interact with each other.

Solution Highlights

  • Forum delivers results you can act on today, then provides you the context needed to refine and implement.
  • Results can be used for strategic real estate planning and long term valuation forecasting.
  • Results can integrate the effects of competition, demography, consumer preferences, and other critical aspects that drive your success.

A market optimization blueprint assesses and
prioritizes potential in-fill opportunities.


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