Student Retention and Churn


Student cannibalization is the risk of shifting students from one location to another with little overall net gain for the company. This concern is often referred to as being “over-stored” or saturated in a marketplace. Forum’s unique student retention and churn analytics focus on a slight variation of this concern and one that is commonly overlooked when evaluating real estate portfolios.

Forum has the ability to help you determine the true net loss of students if you were to close or relocate a facility. Armed with the knowledge of how many students you may be losing vs how many you may absorb through surrounding facilities allows you to make more informed decisions, calculate more accurate financial metrics and go to market with greater confidence.

Solution Highlights

  • Real-time visualization and report generation through a customized SIMMS Online solution.
  • Excel-based reporting allows you to stream results seamlessly into other financial workbooks.

Proof Points

  • A national child-care provider utilized retention analytics to factor into their enterprise wide real estate strategic framework then deployed recommendations to their regional resources to act accordingly.
  • A national for-profit education provider utilizes student cannibalization estimates produced in SIMMS Online when evaluating placement of new hub and spoke facilities.

Automate the answer to customer retention. If you close a unit, what is the real
net incremental loss in revenue or market share?


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