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Every Day Hundreds of Real Estate Professionals Make More Informed Site Selection Decisions Using Our Tools.

Whether you’re looking for basic demographic benchmarking, analog engines, or holistic regression-based sales forecasting, a Forum solution can be custom fit to your exact site selection requirements. Our flexible SIMMS Online platform integrates the most current market intelligence with a wide range of analytics to give you a powerful tool for real estate development.

SIMMS Online Highlights

  • Our Google-Map based tools are accessible on tablets, smart phones, and any other internet enabled device.
  • Customizable solution is scalable across your enterprise, from the executive suite to the front-line field users, providing each with the relevant and necessary information needed to make informed consumer-oriented decisions.  Small_Site_Selection
  • There is no complicated software to learn and nothing to install.  Best of all, no IT involvement is typically required.

Data Highlights

SIMMS Online is a completely open, data agnostic framework. This means we can integrate data from any source or vendor you prefer, including data you may already be licensing. However, if you’re looking for a clean start or are in need of data, we have a wide variety of data from industry leaders, including:

  • V12 Data’s 250M+ consumer household database with hundreds of household level attributes.
  • Consumer lifestyle, psychographic, and behavioral data from the Landscape and Mosaic segmentation systems.
  • Thousands of updated Census and US Postal Service based demographics from Synergos Technologies and their PopStats data product line.
  • Current year average daily traffic count estimates.
  • National mall and shopping center location and attribute data.
  • Hyper-accurate competitive data from online web scrapers built to provide the most current location databases available for your key competitors or synergy drivers.
  • National databases of every business for any NAICS or SIC code relevant to your business with sales and employee estimates.

Proof Points

  • Over 1,200 users of the SIMMS Online site selection platform spanning senior level executives to franchisees.
  • Clients of all sizes, from 6 unit start-ups to 60,000 unit global brands trust SIMMS Online for their real estate site selection needs.


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