Forum Analytics was born on your side of the fence. Having analyzed over 100,000 sites generating $60 billion in annual revenues, our experienced staff of statisticians, analysts, and programmers bring a creative blend of academic and applied expertise to every project

Our solutions are the perfect combination of a consulting
exercise and a customized enterprise BI tool.

Our Consulting Expertise Delivers:
1. Total Unit Opportunity: Nationwide Optimization to Maximize Revenue, Minimize Cannibalization.
- How big can I get?
- Where do I go first?
- What is the gross value of any
   given metropolitan market?
- A prioritized real estate growth
   strategy for the next 3-5 years
   or longer.
2. Existing Unit Performance Evaluation.
- Who are my under-performers?
- Where do I have substantial
   untapped upside?
- Which units do I close or relocate?
Our Software Tools Allow You To:
1. Generate Top-Line Sales Forecasts for Proposed New Locations.
- "Forecast Triangulation"
2. Interact with Models to Apply Analyst and Field Knowledge.
- Modify model assumptions.
- Apply intangibles to obtain final
   proforma sales estimates.
3. Estimate Sales Impact.
4. Produce Site Packet Materials.
- Make maps.
- Generate demographics.
- Create Excel-based reports.
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