Sales Forecasting

Sales forecasting models are built to validate your instinct and provide results that tip the scales of success in your favor. Forum’s proven experience and comprehensive SIMMS Online platform provide a complete sales forecasting solution.

Solution Highlights

  • As pioneers of "Triangulation Modeling", the Forum solution provides a known degree of confidence in making proforma decisions, minimizing your risk and maximizing your success rate.  iStock_000014555530_salesforecasting
  • Total model transparency allows you complete visibility and control of your modeling engine. 
  • Actionable deliverables through SIMMS Online. Interact with your new models in real-time at all levels of the organization.

Proof Points

  • Increase your return on investment by creating top-down, proactive strategies for real estate, merchandising, marketing and other areas of your business.
  • Create a comprehensive national development strategy then execute that strategy with pinpoint precision across the enterprise using SIMMS Online.
  • Negotiate deals with greater confidence and leverage.
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