Forum’s uniqueness stems from our expertise in analytic problem solving and big-data modeling. Essential to our philosophy is making those analytics actionable for our clients at any level of an organization through sound, simple, and highly customizable turn-key web tools.

SIMMS Online is Forum’s proprietary web-based mapping platform into which any modeling or analytic exercise can be deployed to your enterprise. It utilizes remarkably simple Google-map navigation combined with flexible, easy-to-use Excel-based reporting. SIMMS Online's powerful simplicity enables us to tailor an enterprise decision support solution to any sized client for any level of user.

Forum designs our products with a “less is more” philosophy, enabling us to take complex modeling and easily deliver it to the front line decision makers who will benefit the most from it every day.

VEXRAY is an integrated or stand-alone module to SIMMS Online that streamlines the real estate site management process for our clients. VEXRAY automatically eliminates unqualified sites and identifies the best available from those streaming to your business in real-time. 

Designed with the time-starved real estate manager in mind, VEXRAY reduces the time spent reviewing unqualified sites and helps you narrow your focus to the highest potential sites right now. It’s great for use at the corporate level or with franchisees.

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