Assortment Planning

Consumers open their wallets and purses for products, services, and experiences, among other things. In today’s competitive multi-channel universe of choice it is no longer enough to assort with instinct. Data-mining allows Forum to dive into your wealth of purchase history and mine from it knowledge on how to effectively assort your stores to maximize the consumer opportunity in every store's unique market. 

Radical change to your buying and planogram process is often not necessary to produce drastic results to your bottom line. Often all it takes are a few turns of the right dials, at the right time, with data modeling guiding your way. Forum’s approach generates results, but more importantly produces an actionable solution that can be used every day by front-line merchants to make more informed, consumer-focused assortment decisions.

Explore some of our unique assortment planning solutions and contact us to set up an appointment to learn how to get started.


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