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What Clients Are Saying...
"Forum not only developed forecasting models for us but also provided valuable insight about our consumer and deployed a solution that is used for both real estate and marketing."

Rob Skibjak, Director, Real Estate, Goddard Systems, Inc.


A Fully Customized, Turnkey Real Estate Planning Solution.

SIMMS is our turnkey enterprise mapping, reporting, and modeling platform.  When combined with our robust data mining solutions, SIMMS helps you make real-time, data-driven decisions for your real estate, marketing, assortment, or strategic initiatives. SIMMS_map

Each SIMMS deployment is customized to meet your information requirements and reporting needs. SIMMS can be deployed across all levels of your enterprise; from field users to the executive suite.

Take real estate collaboration to new levels by allowing users to create and share market data, sales forecasts, impact estimates, and site packet materials with just a few clicks of the mouse on any web-enabled device including smartphones and tablets.

Perhaps the most remarkable aspect of SIMMS is its simplicity. There is no user guide needed, no IT involvement required, and nothing to install. If you can work a mouse in Google Maps, you’re ready to start using SIMMS. Contact us today for a demonstration!



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