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What Clients Are Saying...
"Their SIMMS Online and VEXRAY tools enable our entire field team to collaborate effectively with each other and with our new operators on real estate related decisions."

John Venhuizen, CEO, Ace Hardware

As pioneers of "triangulation modeling" for real estate forecasting, Forum Analytics has been helping companies successfully develop and deploy real estate planning, forecasting, and site selection solutions since 2001. Few vendors offer the depth of analytic expertise brought to bear on every project by our staff of highly skilled decision scientists. SIMMS_Online_Image_Map_MN_REPlanning

The truth few vendors are willing to share, but one which Forum embraces enthusiastically, is that data modeling is a human endeavor that requires creative thinking, industry knowledge, and a flexible approach for which there is no “one-size fits all” tool. It is this position that separates us from the competition. It allows us to tailor a mapping and forecasting solution to fit each client’s exact demands. 

As a result, working with Forum Analytics is about more than developing a model or a software tool. Our team becomes submersed in your unique business, its history, and its nuances. We deliver a turnkey, integrated solution that combines both strategic learnings and robust enterprise tools allowing your front-line decision makers to interact with the models we build in real-time.

Our solutions are the perfect combination of a consulting
exercise and a customized enterprise BI tool.

Our Consulting Expertise Delivers:
1. Total Unit Opportunity: Nationwide Optimization to Maximize Revenue, Minimize Cannibalization.
- How big can I get?
- Where do I go first?
- What is the gross value of any
   given metropolitan market?
- A prioritized real estate growth
   strategy for the next 3-5 years
   or longer.
2. Existing Unit Performance Evaluation.
- Who are my under-performers?
- Where do I have substantial
   untapped upside?
- Which units do I close or relocate?
Our Software Tools Allow You To:
1. Generate Top-Line Sales Forecasts for Proposed New Locations.
- "Forecast Triangulation"
2. Interact with Models to Apply Analyst and Field Knowledge.
- Modify model assumptions.
- Apply intangibles to obtain final
   proforma sales estimates.
3. Estimate Sales Impact.
4. Produce Site Packet Materials.
- Make maps.
- Generate demographics.
- Create Excel-based reports.
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