Customer Profiling

We combine data from multiple industry leading sources such as StreetLight Data, V12 Data and Synergos customer_prof_1Technologies to design customized customer segmentation profile results for our clients. Marketers will be able to effectively target consumers with messages they are more likely to respond to, real estate can align around the same best customers, and merchants can assort to the unique characteristics of every marketplace.

Forum dives deep into your own business intelligence to isolate customer specific attributes that truly differentiate your best customers from the rest. 

Solution Highlights

  • Access to over 250 million consumer households and hundreds of attributes from the DataMentors consumer database.
  • Utilizes 72 lifestyle classifications that help you understand the habits and preferences of your best consumers.

Proof Points

  • Retailers utilize Forum’s lifestyle segmentation to target markets more effectively in SIMMS Online by merging lifestyle data with direct mail lists to produce actionable direct mail plans.
  • Restaurants utilize Forum’s lifestyle modeling to identify hot pockets of best customers to assist in scoring real estate opportunities.

Best Customer Profiling

Identify your best customer lifestyle groups and align real estate and marketing initiatives around the same intelligence and messaging.

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