Multi-Channel Distribution Optimization

Our proprietary market optimization algorithm allows us infinite permutations to consider your complex, multi-channel concerns. Whether you are balancing the needs of corporate and franchise concerns, or managing the complex demands of consumers through multiple distribution channels, we can help.

Solution Highlights

  • Forum delivers results you can act on today, then works with you to refresh and refine annually or as frequently as your business demands.
  • Results can be used for strategic real estate planning, and also for long-term valuation forecasting.
  • Results typically integrate the effects of competition, demography, consumer preferences, and other critical aspects that drive your success.

Proof Points

  • A global retailer developed a complex set of optimized results to identify the markets into which new capital would be allocated for development and remodeling; and which markets would face conversions to franchise ownership or closure.

A market optimization blueprint assesses and prioritizes in-fill opportunities.


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