CJ Foodville Engages with Forum Analytics to Develop an Analytics Solution for its Bibigo Authentic Korean Food Concept

May 12, 2014 02:58 PM

CJ Foodville Corporation started its business by opening a family restaurant in 1994 and successfully launched a homegrown, Western-style family restaurant VIPS in 1997 to lay the foundation as a specialized food service company. CJ Foodville Corp. has grown as an integrated food service company, splitting from CJ Corp. in 2000 and merging the group’s franchise business division in October 2006.

CJ Foodville is a compound word combining ‘Food’ and ‘Village,' pursuing a comfortable, relaxing, and fun family restaurant where customers can feel the same way when enjoying a meal with families and neighbors in the village. This is a strong expression of CJ Foodville to deliver family-like, touching service to customers.

Bibigo is a bowl of CJ's food and passion combined with its dedication as a food company. Korean cuisine has been refined over the course of its 5,000 year history and embodies the life and philosophy of the Korean people. Through Bibigo, they share with the world Korean food, a healthy culinary culture perfected by the harmony of nature and people.

Forum will be developing a customized SIMMS Online mapping, reporting, and analysis tool to assist with the development and growth of the Bibigo food concept in the United States.


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