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Analyze your history to predict your future.

Predictive analytics uses many techniques including data mining, statistics and modeling to analyze current data and make predictions about the future.

Proactive approach

Predictive analytics from Forum Analytics can help you understand revenue drivers, avoid underperformers and take a proactive approach to market planning and site selection. Data is sourced, analyzed and used to build models to evaluate the performance of current units and forecast sales for future units. A predictive analytics solution can help identify the best new markets for growth and help maximize the potential of existing units.

As innovators of “triangulation modeling” to obtain the most reliable real estate forecasting results, our staff of highly-skilled data scientists applies their analytic expertise and industry knowledge to every project, fusing art and science to guide real estate decision making.

The truth few vendors are willing to share, but one which Forum embraces enthusiastically, is that data modeling is a human endeavor that requires creative thinking, industry knowledge, and a flexible approach for which there is no “one-size fits all” tool. It is this philosophy that differentiates us and allows us to tailor a mapping and forecasting solution to fit each client’s exact demands. 

Working with Forum Analytics is a partnership where our team becomes submersed in your unique business, its history and nuances. The proprietary SIMMS platform from Forum Analytics helps you visualize the results on a map and view the analysis in interactive Excel reports that can be shared across your organization. The platform enables real-time collaboration for more efficient, data-driven decisions to help maximize ROI on every existing and future brick-and-mortar asset.

Click here to learn more about machine learning. Click here to learn more about triangulation forecasting.

Our solution is both a consulting exercise and the development of a customized enterprise platform.

Our Consulting Expertise Our SIMMS Platform
  • Who are my best customers?
  • Where should we be growing right now?
  • How big can we get?
  • Which existing assets should be expanded, relocated or closed?
  • Generate top-line forecasts for proposed new locations
  • Estimate sales impact
  • Produce new site packet materials
  • Real-time global platform for enterprise deployment within your real estate workflow


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