Our experienced staff of statisticians, analysts, and programmers have analyzed over 200,000 sites generating $60 billion in annual revenue. They bring a creative blend of academic and applied expertise to every project.

Every day thousands of real estate professionals make more informed decisions using our solutions.

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  • Site_Selection

    Site Selection

    Determine optimal new development opportunities

    Whether you’re looking for basic demographic benchmarking, analog engines, or holistic regression-based sales forecasting, a Forum solution can be customized to your exact site selection requirements. Our flexible SIMMS platform integrates the most current market intelligence with a wide range of analytics.


  • Sales_Forecasting

    Sales Forecasting

    Predict future-unit performance and select the best new locations

    Sales forecasting models are built to validate your instinct and provide results that tip the scales of success in your favor. Forum’s proven experience and comprehensive SIMMS platform provide a complete sales forecasting solution.

  • Market_Opt

    Market Optimization

    A national development blueprint for strategic growth

    Market optimization is our term for the development of a data-driven national growth plan that seeks to achieve two goals simultaneously: maximize revenue from each new unit opened, and minimize impact on surrounding existing units.



    Mapping, reporting and modeling platform to make your analytics actionable

    SIMMS is our turnkey enterprise mapping, reporting, and modeling platform. When combined with our robust data mining solutions, SIMMS helps you make real-time, data-driven decisions for your real estate, marketing, assortment, or strategic initiatives.

  • Customer_Analysis

    Customer Analysis

    Identify your best customers and how to reach them

    We combine data from multiple industry leading sources to design customized customer segmentation results for our clients. Marketers will be able to effectively target consumers with messages they are more likely to respond to and real estate can align around the same best customers.

  • Time_Series_Cannibalization

    Time-Series Cannibalization

    Historical analysis to estimate sales impact

    We call it Cannibalytics, the exercise of diving deep into your historic monthly sales data to identify patterns of unit to unit impact. Forum’s unique modeling framework helps you identify the multitude of factors that impact the rate at which your existing units cannibalize surrounding ones.

  • White_Space_Analysis

    White Space Analysis

    Score speculative opportunities for future growth potential

    Develop an industry-relevant algorithm capable of scoring hypothetical real estate opportunities for future growth potential. Produce a national prioritized, optimized development blueprint identifying and scoring potential open markets using that algorithm.

  • Lease_Disposition

    Lease Disposition Analysis

    Analyze existing units in your portfolio

    Forum’s lease disposition analysis provides the insight needed to make the right decision regarding your existing portfolio of units. Our goal for this analysis is to prevent you from walking away from high potential markets that may just need a little attention instead of a closure.

  • Trade_Area_Analysis

    Trade Area Analysis

    Define primary consumer-driven, residential-based capture areas for all units

    Define primary consumer-driven, residential-based capture areas for all units and create an objective basis by which to compare units to each other.



    A proprietary site filtering tool

    Filter unsolicited property listing emails and phone calls with Forum’s VEXRAY tool. Reduce the time spent reviewing unqualified sites and narrow your focus to the highest potential sites right now.

  • Valuation_Analysis

    Valuation Analysis

    Objective future value estimation of where your company can go

    Forum’s proprietary valuation algorithm provides an objective, financially sound answer to exactly how many more units are reasonable and realistic, and what level of performance can be expected from those units.

  • Merchandise_Assortment_Planning

    Merchandise Assortment Planning

    Customize store assortments by market

    Forum Analytics provides assortment-level modeling that helps you make the right decisions on floor space allocation and merchandising, from developing core competency categories to identifying specialized niche assortments.

  • Planogram_Optimization

    Planogram Optimization

    Make the right decisions on floor plan and merchandising

    Assortment-level modeling and planogram optimization solutions to help you make the right decisions on floor space allocation and merchandising.

  • Niche_Assortment_Planning

    Niche Assortment Modeling

    Identify unique merchandise categories for your stores

    Identify unique merchandise categories and create a niche category of goods based on deep-dive analytics of your SKU level data.

  • Omnichannel_Distribution

    Omnichannel Distribution Optimization

    Manage demand through multiple distribution channels

    Whether you are balancing the needs of corporate and franchise concerns, or managing the complex demands of consumers through multiple distribution channels, we can help.

  • Marketing


    Data-driven marketing tools

    Whether you are looking to direct mail with greater efficiency, build loyalty through your e-commerce programs, or advertise with greater effectiveness, Forum can help you build powerful marketing analytics.

  • Shopographics


    Proprietary Retail Segmentation System

    Advanced machine learning is used to categorize over one million retail locations into 37 distinct retail zones to help determine optimal co-tenancy by industry segment and brand saturation among ideal shopping corridors.

  • Calibrate


    Single-Site Location Analysis from Mobile Data Insights

    Take your retail site selection to new levels using Calibrate from Forum Analytics. Designed to tell you more about a location than ever before, Calibrate is single-site location analysis that harnesses the power of mobile data to dramatically improve your real estate decision making with revolutionary mobile intelligence.

  • Massive_Mobile

    Massive Mobile Data

    Actionable Insights from Mobile Data

    Massive mobile location data is derived from mobile phones, connected cars and other devices and provides insights on your customer movements. 

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