Planogram Optimization

Forum Analytics provides assortment level modeling and planogram optimization solutions that help you make the right decisions on floor space allocation and merchandising. From core competency categories to specialized niche assortments, the Forum solution can help.

For a national retailer, Forum developed a scoring model to identify the best candidate major grocery store locations for the roll out of a store-in-store assortment of home improvement items.

Assort by Market and Demand 

  • A simple web-based interface allows your merchants to identify the best planogram on a store by store basis from your universe of planograms, at any level of your assortment matrix: from division, to category, to SKU.
  • Segmentation analysis identifies key categories of planograms and streamlines the assortment planning process.
  • Customize your store assortments to each market's unique consumer demand and composition.


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