Take your retail site selection to new levels using Calibrate from Forum Analytics. Designed to tell you more about a location than ever before, Calibrate is single-site location analysis that harnesses the power of mobile data to dramatically improve your real estate decision making with revolutionary mobile intelligence.

Retailers, landlords, developers, city planners, and shopping center owners can leverage business-specific data to analyze a site and understand visitor movements and their behaviors and interests, including where else they shop. Mobile data insights from Forum Analytics can help you analyze a site at the local, national or regional market level to get the best possible outcomes in your real estate planning.

Revolutionary Mobile intelligence



Over 60 billion new location records are processed monthly from more than 300 million mobile devices to provide insights on visitors to a specific location in North America. We geofence the location of interest and analyze the area using mobile activity data from cell phones and tablets. From the devices that register within your geofenced area, we are able to identify:

  • Home and work locations of visitors

  • Visitor "before" and "after" locations

  • Peak Weekday and weekend activity

Using these mobile data insights alongside our proprietary data, a Calibrate solution from Forum Analytics will help you determine:
  • Who your customers are, when they visit and how far they travel to your location
  • Demographics and lifestyle segmentation of the area
  • Other shopping centers your customers visit
  • What brands or concept types trend well with your current visitors
  • How your current site could be affected by a potential site

Forum Analytics offers the most complete data stack in the industry and can customize your location analysis to include data from any of our unique data partners. With access to our cloud-based SIMMS real estate planning platform, you can review and interact with your mobile data insights, then share customized data views and reports across your organization for real-time analysis. 

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