Merchandise Assortment Planning

Buried deep within your POS database is a treasure trove of knowledge waiting to be tapped. Through advanced data mining, Forum Analytics can help you turn this wealth of buying history into actionable assortment knowledge for the future.

ForiStock_000007927807_merchassortum Analytics provides assortment level modeling that helps you make the right decisions on floor space allocation and merchandising, from developing core competency categories to identifying specialized niche assortments.

Data-driven Assortment Planning

  • Customize your store assortments to each market’s unique consumer demand and composition.

  • Identify the impact of your e-commerce or other direct channels on store buying behavior.

  • Build a web-based interface through a customized SIMMS Online tool that allows merchants to identify, on a store by store basis, the best assortment options for that store at any level of your assortment matrix, from division, to category, to SKU.

For clients of all sizes, integrated assortment planning with SIMMSprovides front-line merchants the ability to tailor their assortment mix to each new store’s unique consumer demography, lifestyle, and competitive situation.

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