Business Valuation Analysis


Financial analysts have no shortage of wizardry for computing the value of a company. However, when dealing with consumer-facing businesses, perhaps the most important inputs to a valuation estimate are exactly how many more units are reasonable and realistic, and what level of performance can be expected from those units. This specific type of valuation analysis is critical if you are planning to buy or sell your business.

Forum’s proprietary valuation algorithm provides an objective, financially sound answer to both of these inputs. We simultaneously compute the total potential remaining markets for your business and the performance level expected for those units from a set of regression-based modeling routines developed through a combination of your business intelligence and external market intelligence.

Where can you go?

  • Provides an objective future value estimation of where your company can go, and what the total value of it would be at various growth stages
  • Results are easy to interpret and visualized in real-time through a customized SIMMS portal for executive access
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