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ShopoGraphics as the Holy Grail of Real Estate

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CBRE | Forum Analytics Puts Machine Learning To The Task Of Figuring Out Good Retail Locations

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ShopoGraphics is proprietary retail segmentation analysis from Forum Analytics that uses advanced machine learning to categorize over a million retail locations into 41 distinct retail segments based on consumer shopping habits and co-tenancy.


Using Forum’s proprietary segmentation, ShopoGraphics helps retailers:

  • Quantify untapped commercial areas and prioritize them by sales potential
  • Identify key adjacencies by industry, instead of brand
  • Determine optimal co-tenant brands to target
  • Improve accuracy of regression-based machine learning forecasting models


ShopoGraphics availability:

  • Included with every regression-based solution 
  • Available as standalone analytics to provide companies new insights

Read the ShopoGraphics press release here.

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